Because we are all so different a health approach that is tailored to our specific, individual needs makes sense. Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that combines a traditional approach to healing and good health with recent advances in scientific and medical research. Naturopathy as a holistic natural medicine reaches beyond symptoms to identify the cause of your ill health.

Naturopathy today occupies an important and prominent role in the contemporary health-care system. Naturopaths view their profession as complementary to orthodox medicine rather than as an alternative to it, and, as such, regard themselves as an integral part of the broader system of health-care which the Australian public is fortunate enough to have at its disposal.

True health, from a naturopathic perspective, is the outcome of a healthy mind, body, spirit and environment. Your health can be impacted positively or negatively by mental, psychological and emotional factors, lifestyle, environment, diet and inherited genetic characteristics. In disease, normal metabolic function, tissue maintenance and repair processes are impaired and immunity and detoxification capacity is lowered, leading to functional disorders and chronic disease.

Seeing a Naturopath is a partnership in a healing journey, where you learn about the best way to achieve and maintain health in
your body.

Carrun Squires
B.H.Sc.(Naturopathy); Cert Health & Nutrition; Cert IV Massage
Registered Nutritionist
Carrun Squires Naturopath
Natural Health Solutions
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YOU are an incredibly complex and unique individual.
We are as different on the inside as we are on the outside.
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